Session + class descriptions


Postural Alignment Workshop or One on One  

In this personalized one on one session we will  explore alignment, injuries and inquiries as to how to move and create strength in your unique posture and structural support. Improving mobility and flexibility to create better stability and balance in the whole body. This practice is an strong physical practice based in yoga and functional movement. Develop personalized practice to take anywhere and build confidence and awareness in you body and practice while learning to understand what is needed for safe development of postures for a healthy practice. “Christine is like a Physiotherapist for the body and the Soul” RW

Restorative Essentials +Meditation


In this session you will be guided into relaxing and stress reduction practices that aid in the healing of chronic illness and pain, stress and mental illness, physical injury.  You don't need to feel stress or injury to benefit from this session. Breathing practices, REstorative yoga, essential oils and meditation will be used. This practice runs Monday evenings at hOMe studio and also as a Private session.

Integrated Vinyasa

Combining attention to breath, alignment through Vinyasa Yoga and Functional Movement exercises. These classes are active, creative and accessible. Be prepared to move in many directions and learn new and challenging sequences each class. This class uses sun salutations and weight bearing in hands as well as moving off the mat in movement explorations. This class is defined by the focus of practicing to deepen your intuitive guidance and to wake up to the sensations and proprioception of your body as we exchange from movement to stillness and stillness to movement.

Hatha Yin

This class focuses on avoiding weight bearing on the hands and slowing things down to move mindfully as well as developing strength and mobility. Guided Breath exercises and a combination of standing postures. and longer holds with supports (props). This class will leave you feeling energized and connected.

This practice is powerful. Its a steady and strong sequence of standing postures that are guided and set to a regulated pace with a directive Ujjayi Breath. The second part of this class is self - directed and adaptable if you are working on a particular sequence or grouping of postures or moving into a relaxing restorative practice. The teacher is still guiding and assisting but not calling out postures in this half of the class.

Rebel Power Yoga



Liberated Practice

This practice is self - directed, You may come with a set practice in mind or feel it out. Christine will give a lot of guidance and assist you to follow what is needed for you to thrive and develop, there is also optional sequences for you to try on. This practice begins with learning a simple base practice that can be adapted as you learn this approach. This is very similar to a private session only there are up to 6 other people in the room.