Session + class descriptions


Postural Analysis Session  

In this session we will  explore alignment, injuries and unique inquiries as to how to move and practice more effectively for your needs and in alignment with your life demands. We will test mobility and range of motion in joints, joint flexibility/stability, muscle firing and relaxation, skeletal mobility and core stability and exercises through movement, yoga and breath work to focus on individual physiological to find functional movement patterns and improve overall balance.

Restore+ Reset + Renew a Healing Yoga Session


In this session you will be guided into relaxing and stress reduction practices that aid in the healing of chronic illness and pain, stress and mental illness, physical injury.  You don't need to feel stress or injury to benefit from this session, this is an excellent way to centre before a big event, or take time for yourself if you are busy or a healer/caregiver yourself that needs to fill their bucket back up.  Gentle breathing, guided mediation and gentle healing touch while relaxing into restorative and yin postures  bolsters and props.

Prices One on One Sessions


$130 1.5 hour session $108 1 hr session 5 pass for privates @$85/ session $425. Prices include gst.

Group/ Family Class

$108 3-6 people at My hOMe studio.

1hr and 10 min session

This is a great class to bring your mates together, bridal party yoga session to centre before the big day, a birthday party or special event.  This class will travel, if you have a location outside of Calgary, it might be possible to create your own mini retreat for one or more days. 

Kids Privates and Parties


Movement and posture training for kids and yoga for a kids or adult party!

Classes are small group led and self guided (LIBERATED) classes that are registered in advance. These classes are a great way to get more assistance and adjustments in class and be apart of a fantastic community of yogis. These classes are not suitable to all. Please contact to get information and availability. One Postural Assessment Session is recommended for those wishing to attend hOMe classes. 

hOMe Yoga

Calgary NW   

Registration Required!                                             

Community Classes @ Yoga in Bowness and Yoga Shala


Classes taught are a blend of Vinyasa, Yin and REstore with focus on energetic and physical alignment.  See Schedule for Class times!